Lily Turner

Gettin’ down with our fall selves/a little home decorating/wedding/final summer view

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Went home for a block break with come CC friends. 

CC group assembles in Chicago, CC furry friends, babes babes babes, still life with babes on tube, Class of 2011 and one Class of 1980 (my mom!), best (bad) boyz, mom bought a cherry farm, Lacey being a forest dame, gratuitous couple photo, tree magic.

Picture from last year that I really like of the whole fam-damnly. 


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Once I dressed as Abe Lincoln for Halloween and I got into a fight with another Abe Lincoln. 
Me and Austin. 
Crazy Friday night, guys. 
Did you know that Archie Comics also introduced an openly gay character, Kevin Keller, in 2010? Really thankful this is the kind of material my grandparents stocked their cabin with and my parents bought at the grocery store.